The One Man Fight Review is dedicated to exposing the egregious injustices of big companies who feel they are beyond reproach. If you recall the Wells Fargo and the Epi-pen scandals of last year then you know what I mean.

When The One Man Fight Review sought Internet web help with Louisville SEO they performed an exhaustive search to locate the best company for them. This is no easy task because if you’ve ever Googled Louisville SEO you will see many dozens of companies who all claim to be the very best.

The One Man Fight Review used the same skill set they employ finding whistleblowers and other community activists to figure out who the best Louisville SEO would be. This entailed looking through information resources like LexisNexis, ICANN Whois and really investigating which companies excel both in Louisville SEO and SEO throughout the country and the world.


They finally came upon the decision to hire a real powerhouse Internet search engine optimizer from a small town in Southern Indiana, namely QC Web Design & SEO. More about them in a moment!

When Edward Snowden blew the whistle on NSA spying, former government officials like the Bush 43 Vice President Dick Cheney simply branded him a traitor in national television interviews. Spy agency leaders like James Clapper were accused of lying about the findings of the leaked Snowden intel.

The One Man Fight Review magazine was all over that stuff! They were exposing the entire scandal from the leaking to the cover-up. Meanwhile, they felt that the national media organizations were regurgitating their hard work not only without accrediting them, but taking the further step to claiming ownership, outright plagiarism!

Thus, a tiny but strong magazine really needed to amp up their Internet presence and that’s where QC Web Design & SEO jumped in. QC Web Design & SEO is responsible for jazzing up ho-hum websites globally and achieving great results!

The artists at QC Web Design & SEO immediately recognized that The One Man Fight Review website was in a word, dull. Yes, the written word on the site was powerful but it was in artfully arranged had little or no branding, something that is considered quintessential in today’s competitive world.

So, QC Web Design & SEO when to work creating a powerful graphic look to the Internet magazine’s website. Bold new colors included the color red. Red is a powerful visual stimulant. It is of course the color of blood. This is perhaps why many Fortune 500 companies incorporate red into their logos.

Next, QC made some cogent suggestions to the guys and gals at The One Man Fight Review investigative team how to best craft their articles to get them seen on web crawlers that constantly gather information for search engines.

This of course entails a special brew of considerations which includes the liberal placement of keywords in the copy that the search engines will lock to.

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